2019 Tararua Mountain Race

Welcome to the 2019 Tararua Mountain Race.

Back by popular demand .... we are again following the classic route across the Southern Crossing from Kaitoke to Otaki Forks.

The course is approximately 33km long along tramping tracks, including over 1000m vertical climb.

The course will take you through the Tararua bush from Kaitoke along Marchant Ridge as well along the tops from Alpha over Hector and down to Otaki Forks.  On a good day you'll be able to quickly glance the South Island and north towards Mt Taranaki, but you'll really need to keep an eye on your running route!

Supporting LandSAR

Following the feedback from our survey we will continue to donate directly to LandSAR any profits from the event.  If you wish to donate more, there is an option in the Merchandise page to add more.

Mandatory Minimum Gear List

1. Waterproof jacket or anorak
2. Windproof nylon over trousers
3. Thermal long johns (or pants)
4. Thermal long sleeve top (in addition to the one you wear)
5. Warm hat or balaclava
6. Mittens or gloves
7. Survival blanket
8. Map - Topo50 BP33 Featherston or Tararua Park DOC
9. Compass

         NB. Items 8 and 9 are one per team.

Event Details


Southern Crossing, Tararua Ranges, New Zealand

Event Date:

Saturday 9 March 2019
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