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Entry Types

I acknowledge this is a mountain race and agree to the following terms and conditions.

No Dogs - unless a registered assistant dog.
While this event is run in summer, I am aware this environment should not be understated and is very dynamic so I will carry the minimum gear requirements listed as mandatory.
I will comply with any directions given by the Race Director or Marshalls.
I have declared all medical conditions which may affect my participation in the Tararua Mountain Race

I acknowledge and fully understand that there are inherent risks/dangers/hazards, both known (listed below) and unknown, involved with this activity and the environment within which it will occur.

I am aware of the implications of participating in this activity and the environment within which it will occur.

I am aware of the consequences of my actions should I ignore the Race Director’s safety management procedures and systems and I accept full responsibility for my own actions, inaction, negligence or unacceptable behaviour while involved in this activity.

I acknowledge and understand that, while being involved in this activity, an unpredictable and/or uncontrollable event may occur that could possibly cause me serious harm.

I acknowledge that the Tararua Mountain Race Director and Marshals will be taking all reasonable and practicable steps to ensure my safety while I am involved in this activity.

Identified Hazards/Risks/Dangers:
Cold weather
Hot weather
General injuries
Getting lost
Snow patches/ice
Slippery and muddy conditions
Muddy pools that obscure the track
Steep ascents and descents
Loose stones and boulders
Dislodged vegetation 
Small ruts and culverts across the track
Bees and wasps
Medical problems
Small ruts and culverts across the track
High winds
Equipment failure
Exposed tree routes
Exposure to sun
River crossings if bridges are damaged
Low or over hanging tree branches

Mandatory Minimum Gear List

1. Waterproof jacket or anorak
2. Windproof nylon over trousers
3. Thermal long johns (or pants)
4. Thermal long sleeve top (in addition to the one you wear)
5. Warm hat or balaclava
6. Mittens or gloves
7. Survival blanket
8. Map - Topo50 BP33 Featherston or Tararua Park DOC
9. Compass

         NB. Items 8 and 9 are one per team.

I have read, acknowledge and understand the above risks/dangers/hazards disclosed for the activity I am about to participate in and the environment within which it will occur